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Mistakes are inevitable in daily life. But they are more so when you talk about screen printing because that will cost you money. Although there are many mistakes which are bound to happen some common mistakes can be always avoided and thus will save your extra loss. Here is the list of common mistakes that can be avoided:

Not cleaning your equipment
We all know how important is cleaning and when it comes to equipment cleaning is the first thing you should look to do. There are many instances where you might have left little fleck of ink left from your last print jobs, greases, and smudges that you might be left affect the quality of your equipment. To avoid this, clean your equipment regularly and decrease it between the projects. Also, clean your hands before using the equipment.

Check the print
Once you start using the print one common mistake that many do is not checking it regularly. Make it habit of checking your press before each and every run. Many skip this task in order to save time but it can have serious implications for the printer. Doing this will ensure that your printer will fine. Because over a period of time the bolts might loosen up from the pallets which will cause blurred images.

Not changing the mesh count
This is one of the most common mistakes that happen with almost everyone. Over the years there has the system where 110 mesh count is to required and used for every job. This information is then passed to the novice printers and they also start using 110 as a mesh count. Well, this count is true for most of the runs but it is not an ideal number for every job. You should this beforehand that which jobs require how many prints and you will avoid making this mistake.

Trusting internet sources or word of mouth
In this day and age, everyone wants to sell their products online. People have started to forget the traditional marketing and selling methods. This might be true for some but not everyone can be benefitted by this type of marketing. I think old and traditional methods of selling should be used by the printers again. Start making calls. See what the people want. See the prices offered in the market. Knock on the doors.


Not using spot gun
We mentioned how cleaning your equipment is essential. But there are many stains that can be removed using spot gun. If you are not using this than there are chances that you could be throwing away many products needlessly. Besides statins, spot gun can also clean grease spots, pin print of ink and stains.

Not using outdoor resources
There will be many times that you won’t have resources to handle the job. But that doesn’t mean you turn that away. You could always outsource jobs for a very nominal fee. For this, you could pair up with the freelancer or any large print shops.

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