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Hoodies have always been on the trend. Other than the hoodies that are available you can also opt for the one where you can print can anything you want on the hoodie. But to those who are printing these things on hoodie should have a knowledge of few things. Becuase a slight variation can get you the best results. In this articles, we will give you some tips and tricks for a better screen print on hoodies.

Things to consider
Printing on the hoodie is very different than printing on t-shirts because of thickness. Hoodies are thicker than the t-shirts and that is why many uses flashing to get good results. Also look out for shrinkage when you pass hoodie through a conveyor belt, for this always use a lower temperature. If a hoodie has zip in it than use a jig which allows this to pass through. This will ensure that you can a good sweep to clean.

Take care while printing on the backs
When you are printing on the back side of the hoodie the most important thing you need to make sure that hood doesn’t get in between while making the design. Many won’t mind if the design is a bit obscured, but for many graphics should be properly visible. For example, when you are printing a number or a name on the back than print it a bit on the downside so it can be visible.

Choose the right ink
Normally it is seen that a thicker ink is used because of the material’s thickness. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you have to use a softer print to move over seams and zippers. Here the use of thin inks is recommended.

Be careful of shrinkage
Fleece is very prone to shrinkage and so proper care should be taken while printing this material. This is the main problem with the high temperature of flash cure unit. If there is even slight shrink than it can damage your entire final print.


Increase your cure time
Due to its thickness, fleets holds more amount of moisture than other substrates. Slow down your conveyor belt and see whether the fleece prints have been cured or not. Make sure that you don’t set your temperature more than 320 degrees.

Refine your printing process
Messing up a t-shirt might cost you a few bucks but damaging your hoodie can cause a large amount of money. And that is why we have provided you with some insightful tips to improve your printing process. So why start the process today? It is not easy to alter the process but once you have done it you will see some great results. When the ink comes off the dryer check its temperature to make sure it fully cured.

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